Fight against poverty – Caritas boss: “Protective shield needed for people”


At the local inspection “Krone” in a food counter, Caritas President Michael Landau spoke about poverty in the country, anger about inflation and “that sometimes less is more”.

The image is depressing and thought provoking: a long line of women and men of all ages queue up at one of LeO’s food distribution points in Vienna. There are vegetables, fruits and also hygiene items. On this day, more than 100 people seek help. And there are more and more.

The Caritas chairman also gets an impression of the situation during the “Krone” lecture on site. “During the Corona crisis, the company motto was: ‘Whatever the cost.’ Now we also need a protective shield for the people,” says Michael Landau. In addition, you also need cohesion and trust in the country, a willingness to stand together and contribute to the best of your ability. Landau: “I think everyone can ask themselves, what can I personally contribute to it? This is like the willingness to share, whatever reminds you of JF Kennedy’s famous statement, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.’”

The Caritas president is particularly moved by the plight of the minimum pensioners. “It is about whether he or she can heat or have to be cold in order to pay for something to eat. It must be possible for people, mostly women, who have done a lot for our country and have contributed to its construction, to to live with dignity in old age rather than in oppressive poverty.”

In this context, a substantial increase in the reference rate for compensatory allowances is therefore essential. “We must not tolerate poverty in old age and with children!” Landau also refers to Ombudsman Barbara Stöckl’s “Krone” campaign together with the aid organization to give the climate bonus to those in need.

Incidentally, the Caritas president does not want to fully join the chorus of critics of the anti-inflation measures of the Turquoise-Green coalition: “The federal government has already taken some important emergency measures, and we have to recognize that too.” now it is important to get away from the watering method. “Those who help purposefully can help for longer.”

At the same time, one will also have to learn to live with the experience, which many have not yet had, “that not everything is the same, that it also requires a little more renunciation or that sometimes less is more. . .”

Source: Krone


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