Willingness to cooperate – Election winner Meloni met Lega boss


Election winner and leader of Italy’s right-wing party Fratelli d’Italia (“Brothers of Italy”), Giorgia Meloni, and coalition partner and Lega leader Matteo Salvini met in Rome on Wednesday afternoon to analyze the election results. The two party leaders expressed their willingness to work together under a possible right-wing government in an “atmosphere of cooperation and unity”.

“Both politicians have expressed their satisfaction with the confidence that the Italians have shown in the coalition and reiterated the great sense of responsibility that this result brings,” it said after the first meeting of the two center-right parties after the election victory (see video above). .

Salvini’s Lega slipped in the voters’ favor
The two party leaders thus denied disagreements about the possible composition of a new right-wing government in Rome. Unlike the Fratelli d’Italia party, which quadrupled its number of MPs compared to the 2018 general election, Salvini’s Lega took a cold shower. It fell from 17 percent in 2018 to eight percent and is now the fourth largest party in the new Italian parliament.

Video: Italy’s legal alliance discusses the distribution of messages

Voter turnout very low
In Italy’s parliamentary elections on Sunday, the alliance of Fratelli d’Italia, Lega and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia received about 44 percent of the vote. The right thus obtained an absolute majority in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. With 26 percent, the Fratelli d’Italia are the strongest party. At just under 64 percent, turnout was at its lowest level since the war.

MEPs worry about right-wing coalition victory
Leading MEPs warn, however, of a government in Rome led by the right-wing nationalist party Melonis. “Giorgia Meloni becomes a prime minister whose political role models are Viktor Orbán and Donald Trump. The election victory of the alliance of right-wing parties in Italy is therefore worrying,” European Parliament Vice-President Katharina Barley (SPD) told “Welt”.

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