Investigations are underway – apartment fire in Vienna kills one


A man was killed in a room fire in Vienna-Favorit on Saturday morning. As a spokesman for the professional fire brigade of Vienna indicated in the evenings, residents of a residential complex in Karplusgasse had informed the fire brigade because they had noticed the smell of fire. The emergency services with respiratory protection broke into a completely smokey apartment and found a lifeless man, probably the tenant.

“The fire was already going out at that time,” said fire service spokesman Lukas Schauer. The fire was limited to parts of the apartment, the few flames that were still blazing were quickly under control, according to Schauer. The fire brigade was on site with six vehicles and 27 emergency services, the operation lasted an hour and a half.

National Criminal Investigation Department has launched an investigation
The lifeless man – neither the fire brigade nor the Vienna professional rescue service could say anything about his age – was handed over to the emergency services, who were also alerted, but all help came too late for him. The cause of the fire is unclear and the National Criminal Investigation Department has launched an investigation.

Other residents of the house were not injured. The fire brigade has ventilated the affected building and checked several adjacent apartments. After ensuring that the fire was contained and started from one apartment, the neighbors were able to return to their apartment, sparing the flames and their associated consequences.

Source: Krone


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