Interview with Antonio Garamendi (CEOE) today, September 29, 2022, on Radio Euskadi


The president of the Spanish employers’ organization says the leading employers are asking for “efforts” when he shows “wage moderation” later. As for the abolition of the wealth tax, he believes that “if the law allows it, it is more than reasonable and part of the diversity of the country”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Garamendi (CEOE), Gobernuak proposatutako soldata igoeraz: “Jarraituko dugun erreferentzia bat da”

The President of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), Antonio Garamendichas ensured that the proposal for a salary increase for civil servants made yesterday by the Spanish government will be “a reference” employers will follow suit when negotiating promotions. “Sometimes the government of Spain asks for an effort from private entities, when it exercises later wage moderation”he has argued.

In an interview with the “Boulevard” program on Radio Euskadi, to which he replied from the BEC – the venue where today the 21st Conference of Executives of the CEDE Foundation will be held, where he will speak – Garamendi insisted that we need to talk about productivity and competitiveness of the companies, which, like the country, he assures, “are not homogeneous”. As he explained, there are 4,500 collective bargaining tables in the Spanish state and in some the agreements are being made, which in some cases are “reasonable agreements”, among which he has mentioned the preliminary agreement reached in the metal of Álava. However, he compared this situation with that of hairdressers, who will certainly not be able to bear the costs of that increase.

As for removing welfare tax on the part of some communities, the employer has justified that decision because the “law allows it”. “It seems more than reasonable to me, it’s part of the diversity of the country. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like to centralize everything, because that’s not harmonizing, but centralizing,” he emphasized.

Garamendi has also responded to the announced high income tax of the executive branch of Sánchez. “If we mix the economy with election campaigns, we lose the North,” he assured, adding that we need to look for “more tax bases and fewer tariffs.” He went on to explain that there is an underground economy in Spain, which he estimates at 24%, “a hole —vacuum— huge on the order of 80,000 million euros” from people who, by not explaining, “do dumping to the people who are doing it right”. In addition, he lamented that in public administration he “hasn’t heard anyone about how to run it more efficiently”.

According to the chairman of the CEOE “it is clear that there is a curve in economic affairs” and he values ​​the decline in the CPI for September “a good figure”, taking into account the “problem” we have with “very high” inflation.

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Source: EITB


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