Victim in the shower – 18 years in prison for attempted murder with power cable


A man bullies his wife for years. This culminates in an attempted murder: he electrocuted her in the shower. In 2021 she was able to flee to a women’s shelter with her ten children. The man has now been convicted at the Vienna Criminal Court for attempted murder, coercion and persistent violence.

The woman (37) had to endure years of martyrdom. The culmination of the ordeal: the attempted murder! Her husband attacked her in the shower with a cut cord from the kettle. Only the circuit breaker could save her life, the technical expert confirms.

Mother and daughter testify
The incident happened more than 15 years ago. A real ordeal for the woman and their ten children followed until 2021. The 37-year-old describes this on the witness stand: “I was scared. I felt like I didn’t stand a chance.” The 18-year-old daughter also said in court: “We were all under his control. We were locked up and beaten. We weren’t allowed to do anything unless he allowed it.”

Father with two faces?
That also agrees with the psychiatric report on the 42-year-old. That shows him as a father with two faces. “We have someone here who is unobtrusive and friendly on the outside, but a terrible violent criminal in the family system. In short, a sadist, as a kind of ‘double entry bookkeeping’!”, the expert describes the suspect. He cannot understand why he is in the dock of the Vienna court. His lawyer Andreas Reichenbach emphasizes that there is no objective evidence of the violence and the attempted murder – apart from the statements of the victims.

detention and incarceration
But the jury believed them and found him guilty. The sentence is 18 years in prison plus incarceration in an institution – he must pay the victim 30,000 euros. Not legally binding!

Source: Krone


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