New allegations – pig scandal continues: animals sold sick?


Hepatitis, pneumonia, worms – that’s what sick pigs would have been from fattening a farmer in Klagenfurt-Land when they were taken to slaughter. The man got off with a fine; the new allegations could lead to new investigations.

As reported, hundreds of poor pigs on a farm in Klagenfurt-Land had to live sick, injured and neglected before being slaughtered. The farmer initially got away with a fine of 6110 euros for animal abuse, but the association against animal factories also wants to hold the veterinary checks accountable.

Shocking test results
“I don’t believe the company vet says he didn’t want to know about the problems,” said VGT spokesman David Richter. Because data shows that in 2018 up to 95 percent of the pigs examined at the fattening company had hepatitis, many also from pneumonia or worm infection. “Where was the animal welfare?” asks Richter.

As a reminder, the farm with space for up to 480 pigs carried the AMA seal of approval and at the trial the farmer claimed that “my pigs were sweet creatures”. It’s still unclear whether the new charges will have criminal ramifications – District Attorney Lisa Kuschinsky has already spoken out against a diversion.

Source: Krone


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