Russian mobilization – authorities even break in for conscription orders


Many Russians are concerned that they will be affected by Putin’s partial mobilization and end up on the Ukrainian front as a result. While many try to flee abroad, some hope to hide in their homes. As videos from surveillance cameras (see above) in Russia show, the latter strategy seems to be quite successful – the authorities sometimes just break into the buildings.

According to official Kremlin information, 300,000 men are to reinforce Russian troops through partial mobilization. Critics fear that considerably more men could be affected by conscription – in fact, up to a million men.

Many do not want to end up as “cannon fodder”.
Since the Russians apparently don’t want to end up as Putin’s “cannon fodder”, many have already moved to neighboring countries. Direct flights have been booked for days, miles of traffic jams at the borders and many are trying to get out of the country on foot or by bike.

This also poses enormous economic problems – after all, the majority of refugees are well-educated and belong to the more affluent part of the population. The brain drain caused by the flight could create a huge shortage of skilled workers in Russia.

Strange methods of the authorities
While other Russians hide from conscription with relatives in the country, many are trying the strategy of simply not opening the door to authorities. However, as a video from Vladivostok shows, the state shows no mercy. For example, a cop clumsily breaks into an apartment building through an open window, after apparently no one in the house had opened the door.

He then gives his colleagues access to hand out the subpoenas for the position. In this particular case, the initiative may not have been crowned with success – according to Russian media reports, there was no person in the building who would have been intended for military service.

Bad prospects at the front
The Russians’ frustration with the mobilization is more than understandable: the prospects at the front for the newly drafted soldiers are apparently rather poor – several reports indicate that after a short crash course they are already sent into battle with insufficient equipment.

The Ukrainian side also assumes that dozens of soldiers who have advanced have already been killed. “It’s like a professional boxer fighting a schoolboy,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovich felt sorry for the conscripts on Thursday.

Source: Krone


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