Accusation of infidelity – water dispute: display against Feldkirch . town chief


The prosecutor’s office in Feldkirch received an anonymous complaint against the mayor of Feldkirch, Wolfgang Matt (ÖVP), in connection with the dispute over a farming community. Matt is charged with attempted infidelity and abuse of office.

The background is the mayor’s treatment of a report on the Altenstadt farming community, of which Matt is a member. The city of Feldkirch had commissioned a confidential private report, which apparently showed that the transfer of ownership that took place in 1960 was unlawful and therefore void. This would enable the city to lay claim to the land that was transferred at the time and the proceeds from it, which now go to the agricultural community.

According to the “Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung”, which received the ad, Matt allegedly handed the report over to the farming community and assured the community at the general assembly that nothing would change to their detriment under the current political circumstances. The farming community provided a counter-examination that came to a different conclusion than the city’s expertise.

public prosecutor is investigating
His failure to assert the city’s claims is consistent with infidelity, according to the allegation in the complaint now filed. Matt said he heard about the ad through the media and didn’t know what it was about. The prosecutor’s office in Feldkirch is now investigating the case.

Smoldering water fight
The outcome of the dispute, which had been simmering for months, was that Feldkirch paid 5.2 million euros to the farming community to promote drinking water on their properties. Feldkirch’s opposition was repeatedly outraged by the matter, but Matt posted an “envy debate”.

Source: Krone


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