Great interest – First kindergarten for gays and lesbians in Berlin


Early next year, a kindergarten for gays and lesbians will open for the first time in Berlin. According to the operator, 60 children have already been registered by their parents, who have to show what it is like to be gay or lesbian.

As the “Bild” reports, a multi-generational home for gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersex people is being built in Berlin-Schöneberg in the building of the gay therapy center with a counseling center, care places and a nursery, as kindergartens are called in Germany.

Great interest
The interest is great and there are already 60 pre-registrations for the 93 places. The children come from rainbow families and families who live in the area and need a shelter. These kids have to show what it’s like to be gay, lesbian, transgender or intersex.

Of course, the toddlers don’t have to know whether they are gay or lesbian. All children are welcome. If they aren’t heterosexual later on, it should be easier for these little ones to come out, the report said.

Prince marries princes
Director Marcel de Groot explains the pedagogical approach of the kindergarten very simply: “Then there are, for example, ten ordinary children’s books and three in which the prince marries a prince.”

And further: “In itself, our concept is the same as that of other daycare centers. The LGBTI* way of life just needs to become more visible.”

Inconsistencies with the board of directors
However, the fact that the German pedophile lawyer Rüdiger Lautmann is on the board of directors of the gay therapy service caused outrage. In 1994, the 86-year-old published the book Die Lust am Kind. Portrait of the pedophile”, in which he tries to understand pedophile offenders. Authorities in Berlin said the organization is being looked into.

Source: Krone


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