Police powerless – criminal cabal pushes the rule of law to its limits


An often underage clique pushes the rule of law to its limits. Constant car thefts and nighttime outings are among the “specialties” of 13- to 14-year-olds. The highlight was a wild escape with gunshots by the police in St. Johann in Tirol at the end of August. The chief of the Kufstein district police expresses his powerlessness and an affected entrepreneur and his lawyer see little chance of compensation.

The whole of Tyrol shakes their heads – but that can only make these guys smile: On Friday evening, two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old stole three cars in Kufstein and roared around. An Opel and an Alfa remained damaged.

House arrest followed by the parents? mourn? But no, two nights later the trio (two from Kufstein, one from Chechnya) left for Salzburg, this time by train.

Trio found in Salzburg
After all, the parents were worried: after their missing persons reported, a check at the Salzburg train station put an end to this renewed specter. It probably wasn’t the last. “These guys keep us entertained almost every night,” reveals Astrid Mair, Kufstein District Police Commander.

Source: Krone


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