Shock for Christmas party – workers have to pay for their own drinks


(Exciting) Christmas parties were a thing of the past – companies now want to save with fixed rates and fewer guests.

While corporate Christmas parties were still fixed dates in the calendar before the pandemic, they are now either completely eliminated or only held in small groups. “We are only 50 percent fully booked for the Christmas holidays,” says Martina Haslinger-Spitzer from the “Frohes Schaffen” inn in Floridsdorf. Here the times of crisis would become apparent. “The companies that book a party with us suddenly want flat-rate drinks, that was never the case before,” says the former restaurateur.

Room for improvement in reservations
However, her experience is that guests go home as soon as there are no more free drinks. “I don’t expect much from this year’s Christmas business,” says the landlady. And also in the inn “Peschta” in Hütteldorf there will be no celebrations as before. “If 70 people were reserved in the years before the pandemic, that is now only half,” says landlord Thomas Peschta. Otherwise there is still room for improvement in reservations.

The Christmas business is also faltering for gastro spokesperson Peter Dobcak: “Companies are still very careful when it comes to reservations. In addition, savings must be made in every nook and corner. “If it’s just the mask, we can live with that, but not with a 10 p.m. curfew,” Dobcak said.

Source: Krone


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