Kiev feels the war again and prepares for blackouts


The population urgently goes to shops in search of flashlights, chargers, candles… to help them overcome the lack of electricity

The Ukrainian capital prepares for power cuts and the Lapwings go to the markets to buy flashlights, chargers, candles… After the latest setbacks on the eastern and southern fronts, Russia introduces a new element in its strategy and hardens its bombing against the power of plants across the land. The direct result is that large parts of Ukraine are without electricity and this has forced the authorities to adopt a shock plan and ask citizens to limit consumption as much as possible.

In the store known as Radio Market, people keep coming and, apart from phones or tablets, they are looking for accessories that will help them overcome power outages. “Monday is our day off and it coincided with the attacks. On Tuesday we arrived here at 8:45 am and since then customers have not stopped coming constantly, buying batteries, chargers, flashlights and everything that helps them build electricity,” says Sergéi.

He speaks while standing at the counter of a crowded store. It gives him time to show on his cellphone how close to his home one of the rockets has hit and to warn that “at the moment we have material in stock, but soon we will run out and this will be like trying jeans to buy in the eighties ».

Ruslana, 39, has gone to the same market with her daughter and thinks “this is not the time to panic. We have to react normally, because this is another consequence of the war. We already know that it is necessary to prepare and we are not afraid. I have already explained to my little girl what the situation is and we are moving forward.

Municipal workers are working to repair damage caused by the missiles that hit Kiev. In Shevchenko Park, a large crater is a reminder that Vladimir Putin retaliated by launching 83 rockets for the sabotage on the Crimean Bridge. “Precision? This is a park, not a military base. This attack is another example of his powerlessness on the battlefield. He can’t with our soldiers, he loses ground and pays with the civilians,” said Angelo, a Ukrainian-Mexican who was surprised by the attack while visiting his family. “I thought there was no more war in the capital, it was a safe area, but look what happened to us,” he laments.

After the missile and drone strike on Monday, Kiev raised its voice to ask its allies to send anti-aircraft systems, and that request received a response from Germany, which sent the first of Berlin’s promised “Iris-T” systems, Minister of State confirmed. Defense Oleksi Reznikov, who added that “delivery of the US ‘NASAMS’ is also close.” “This is just the beginning. We need more,” Reznikov told his allies. The threat to the Ukrainians is the ‘Kalibr’ missiles and Russia, according to the army, would deploy at least seven warships in the Black Sea armed with these types of cross projectiles.

Russian missiles hit power stations, but their forces are unable to respond to the Ukrainian advance and in recent hours they have lost control of five other towns in Kherson province, in the south of the country. From the presidency in Kiev, they issued a statement reporting the liberation of Novovasilivka, Novogrigorivka, Nova Kamianka, Trifonivka and Chervone, driving the enemy more and more to the other bank of the Dnieper.

Monday’s attacks by Russia overshadowed for a few days the delicate situation at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, which again faced a disconnection from the electrical system, as reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). According to the Russian operator Energoatom, the outage happened at 9 a.m. and lasted less than an hour.

As if the direct attacks on power plants in recent hours were not enough punishment, the occupation of the factory in Zaporizhia has dealt a serious blow to Ukraine’s electricity supply and in Kiev they fear that Putin will shift production to Crimea in the near future. The inhabitants of the capital are waking up after several months of apparent calm and preparing for a harsh and long winter in which they will not have the electricity they had until now. Wars have many faces and it is the civilians who suffer.

Source: La Verdad


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