Native Species Threatened – Creeping Warning: Asian Ladybug Invasion


Originally used for biological pest control, the Asian ladybug has spread widely in Austria. Most recently, hikers in Lower Austria’s Dunkelsteinerwald were even “attacked” by the little creepers.

Some hikers in the Dunkelsteinerwald will probably remember this excursion for a long time. In the extensive area around the castle ruins Hohenegg they enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather. They hadn’t expected an invasion of ladybugs. Every hundred meters – around high stands – there were real swarms of spotted beetles.

mouth shut, ears shut
For the astonished walkers, the motto was: shut your mouth, cover your ears and move on at high speed. “After a few seconds, there were more than 20 ladybugs on my sweater. They flew up their sleeves and pinched,” says a woman from St. Pöltner in the “Krone”. These are not native representatives of the small caterpillars, but the genus of the Asian ladybugs.

Large accumulations
These were originally grown for natural pest control and were used with success, especially in greenhouses. “In search of winter shelters, they enter houses in large concentrations, where they cause nuisance,” confirms AGES. The ladybug plague is also causing a stir in Carinthia and Burgenland.

Source: Krone


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