Because of the conflict in Ukraine – the Norwegian army is on extra alert


Norway will sharpen its armed forces. The measure will apply from Tuesday, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Störe announced on Monday at a press conference in Oslo. At the same time, he emphasized that no direct threat from Russia had been identified.

“This is the worst security situation in decades,” the Norwegian prime minister said. “There are no signs that Russia is extending its warfare to other countries,” but as tensions mount and Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, it is imperative that all NATO countries “be more and more vigilant.”

Norway is currently the largest exporter of natural gas to the European Union after the cessation or cessation of Russian gas supplies. The Scandinavian country, which borders Russia, recently deployed its military for the first time to guard offshore platforms and other oil and gas facilities.

Increased protection of military installations
According to Norwegian Defense Minister Björn Arild Gram, increasing the state of preparedness means, among other things, that protective measures at military facilities are tightened. NATO member Norway shares a 120-mile border with Russia in the Arctic.

Concerns over mysterious drone flights
Mysterious drone flights had recently been sighted in Norway, especially near oil rigs in the sea. Several Russians have been arrested in connection with the drones. The country’s counterintelligence agency also arrested a suspected Russian spy posing as a Brazilian investigator last week.

Source: Krone


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