Rocket fire – water and electricity flowing again in Kiev


Rocket fire – water and electricity flowing again in Kiev

According to Mayor Vitali Klitschko, water and electricity supplies have been restored after the Russian missile attack on Kiev. Meanwhile, the port city of Mykolaiv was shelled on Tuesday night.

On Monday evening, the mayor of Kiev announced that 40 percent of consumption points had no water and hundreds of thousands of apartments were without power. A day later, Klitschko said that although there were still power cuts, water and electricity had been restored.

On Monday, Russian troops fired mainly at power plants in Ukraine. The attacks are said to have been a response to drone fire from the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The Ukrainian army attacked them on Saturday at their base in Sevastopol in Crimea. “It is partly so (retaliation, mind you). But that’s not all we could have done,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday evening.

Targeting Mykolaiv and Kherson
There should have been another missile alarm on Tuesday night. This time, the southern Ukrainian port of Mykolaiv was hit by four missiles, according to Reuters reporters. An elderly woman was killed when a house collapsed.

In Kherson, the Russian occupation authorities announced that they would evacuate tens of thousands more people. There, Ukrainian soldiers are currently trying to recapture the city. There is a risk of a “possible missile attack” on a dam on the Dnipro, according to the Moscow-appointed governor. This can lead to coastal flooding.

Source: Krone


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