Dugin is considered the main instigator of current Russian nationalism


He has never been seen in Putin’s company, despite the obvious influence of his thinking

Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, 60, is considered the father of the current nationalism permeating the Kremlin’s expansionist policy. However, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has never been seen in the company of Dugin, despite the obvious influence of his thinking on his ideology. It seems he and not his daughter was the clear target of last night’s attack

Born on January 7, 1962 in Moscow, Dugin works not only as an ultra-nationalist ideologist, but also as a philosopher, political scientist, sociologist, translator and author of numerous books. He holds a doctorate in sociology and political science and was also a professor at Moscow Lomonosov University (MGU). He is the creator and leader of the International Eurasian Movement, which aims to reunite Russia with the former Soviet republics and even with other European countries.

Duguin is the author of the work “The Fourth Political Theory”, according to his view it would be the next step after the three previous theories “Liberalism, Socialism and Fascism”. He claims to speak fluent English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. He was a student of the Russian poet and mystic Evgueni Golovín.

Between 2009 and 2014, he headed the chair of Sociology of International Relations at the Faculty of Sociology of Lomonosov University, but was dismissed for his openly nationalist views in favor of the so-called “Ruski Mir” (Russian world), which is precisely the movement leading to the annexation of Crimea, the uprising against Kiev in Donetsk and Luhansk in April 2014 and the current war in Ukraine.

His father, Gelii Dugin, was a lieutenant general in the Soviet army and his mother, Galina Onufrienko, was a doctor. Despite prevailing atheism in the Soviet Union, Alexander Dugin was secretly baptized at the age of six in an Orthodox church in the city of Michurinsk thanks to his staunch great-grandmother, Elena Kargaltseva, who taught the customs and worship of the so-called “Old Believers”. , an ultra-Orthodox wing within Russia’s ruling church.

In 1979, Dugin began studying at the Moscow Aviation Institute, but was expelled from school in the second year for “poor performance”. He later graduated from

the Novocherkassk Institute of Agricultural Engineering. But it was not aviation, engineering or the study of the field. In 1988 he joined the ultra-conservative organization “Pámiat” (Memory), from which he was also forced to leave after it was discovered that he had contacts with Russian dissidents abroad, in particular with the writer Yuri Mamléyev, who was accused of to belong. to an occult-satanic organization.

Duguin, together with the writer Eduard Limonov, created the totalitarian organization, the National Bolshevik Party (NBP), whose emblem on a red background in a soft circle resembles the hammer and sickle, unlike the Hitlerian National Socialist Party, which in the same context a swastika. Their paths would later part and Limonov, who died in March 2020, founded the “Other Russia” party after the dissolution of his previous formation.

Dugin became the adviser to the President of the State Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament), Guennadi Selezniov, between 1998 and 1999. He also ran the ultra-nationalist TV channel Tsargrad, which spread the ideas of the “Russian world”.

He is married to Natalia Meléntieva, who is also a professor of philosophy and runs the publishing house “Artogueya”. He has a daughter, Daria, who was killed in yesterday’s attack, and a son, named Ártur. In 2014, the American publication Foreign Policy listed Duguin in the top 100 of “global thinkers” of the modern world in the category of “troublemakers.” Because of his ‘racist’ mindset, he is on the sanctions lists of the European Union, the United States and Canada.

Source: La Verdad


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