Against coronavirus – Vaccination panel: fourth dose only for patients at risk


In a new assessment, the National Vaccination Commission (NIG) recommends the fourth corona vaccination only for high-risk groups. This applies to people over 80 in general and to people over 65 with previous illnesses. They should be re-immunized four months at the earliest, ideally six months after the third sting. But everyone else should not be denied a vaccination either.

The recommendations are important insofar as they are not binding, but are generally adopted by politicians. The fact that a fourth vaccination is expressly not recommended for people under the age of 65 means that the basis has been laid for the Minister of Health to extend the validity of the Green Passport to at least one year. Tens of thousands of these documents would have expired in the coming months.

The NIG notes that according to the first data in immunocompetent people, a fourth vaccination only temporarily and in the short term leads to an improved protective effect against SARS-CoV-2 infection or Covid-19 disease, according to the paper by the panel available to the APA comes forward.

If vaccination is desired, immunization “don’t withhold”
However, at the request of the Committee, the Committee is of the opinion that a booster vaccination should not be given earlier than four months, but preferably only six months after the primary vaccination course, ie the third vaccination. People who want to be vaccinated should “not be refused”. According to the current state of knowledge, a general recommendation for a fourth vaccination can only be expected before the next waves of infection are expected in late summer/autumn 2022.

A special case is immunocompromised or immunocompromised people for whom vaccination does not provide sufficient protection, for example as a result of chemotherapy or a transplant. According to the NIG, they should be cared for according to their individual needs, regardless of their age. This could include the use of monoclonal antibodies as prophylaxis.

No general recommendation for the 4th stitch by EU authorities
The NIG also focuses on European bodies with its recommendations. The European Medicines Agency and the EU health authority ECDC did not recommend a fourth vaccination for everyone in the middle of last week. However, one could be administered to people over 80 years of age.

Meanwhile, doctors in private practice shared the data protection concerns of ELGA GmbH, the operating company of the electronic health record, over vaccination. The latter considers the measure unfeasible and wants an assessment by the Dutch Data Protection Authority. In any case, the concerns must be taken seriously, Johannes Steinhart, chairman of the Federal Curia of family doctors, emphasized Tuesday.

Source: Krone


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