Pakistan’s former Prime Minister was injured in the leg after he was shot at a demonstration


A man opened fire on the politician because “he misled the people.” A person died in the incident

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Jan was shot on Thursday after a man opened fire during a demonstration that gathered through his party, Pakistan Tehrik-E-Insaf (PTI) against the government, an event that was paid for with the death of at least a person.

Farruj Habib, a high position of the PTI, has indicated in his account on the social network Twitter that Jan was injured by the shots in the Wazirabad area, while the newspaper ‘Dawn’ has pointed out that Faisal Yaved is still a high training position.

According to the information collected by the Pakistani TV television network, the PTI leader has sustained wounds in one leg and has been transferred to a hospital. After it has intervened, it is stable.

Faad Chaudhri, another high indictment of the party, has encrypted the number of injured people in three and has a “deliberate attack” against Jan, who would have received in one leg between “three and four” shots.

The police have indicated that the attacker was arrested. The man, whose identity has not been transferred, then appeared in a video posted after his arrest in which he takes care of his responsibility and accuses Jan of ‘cheating people’. “He cheated on people and I couldn’t stand it, so (…) I tried to kill him,” he emphasized. «I did my best to kill him. I wanted to kill Jan and nobody else, “he assured, as ‘Dawn’ collected.

Source: La Verdad


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