Britney Spears announces she is pregnant with her third child


Britney Spears said she is pregnant.

Pop star Britney Spears has announced that she is expecting her third child. The 40-year-old revealed that she took the test after her partner Sam Asgari kissed her during a ‘nutritional pregnancy’.

In an extensive post on social media this morning, she revealed that she has found out that she is expecting her second child. This will be her first with her 28-year-old daughter as she has two children with ex-Kevin Federline, Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15.

The Hit Me Baby One More Time singer wrote on Instagram, “I gained so much weight that I went to Maui just to get it back…I thought ‘Jae…what happened to my stomach?'” My husband said: No, you are pregnant with food.

“So I took a pregnancy test…aahhhhhhhh…i have a baby. Four days later I ate more food. He’s growing up.”

The singer went on to say that he would “lose” if it was discovered he had twins. She also said that she will spend more time in person, due to past quarrels during her pregnancy.

She added, “It’s tough because I was pregnant, and I had peripartum depression. I have to say it’s pretty awful…Women didn’t talk about it then…Some people considered it dangerous if a woman like that complained inside a baby.” Now women talk about it every day.”

Information about Britney’s pregnancy came after her release from the conservatory, which has dominated her life for more than 13 years. Founded in 2008, she reportedly had no control over her finances, career, and personal life.

But by the end of 2021, this was finalized by the court, which means that the singer can give up his property and do his own business. Before his dismissal, he said the conservatory’s management team would not allow him to have a second child or marry his partner.

Source: Belfastlive


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