European Observatory shows image of the Cone Nebula


Astronomers have managed to create a mystical image of the so-called Cone Nebula in the constellation Unicorn. At its center is the seven light-year long Column of the Nebula.

At a distance of 2,500 light-years, the Cone Nebula is relatively close to our planet and is therefore a well-studied celestial body.

“But this sight is more dramatic than any before, showing the nebula’s dark and impenetrable cloud cover in a way reminiscent of a mythological creature,” the European Southern Observatory (ESO) said Thursday with its Very Large Telescope (VLT). photo was taken in Chile.

The nebula is a perfect example of the columnar shapes formed in the huge clouds of cold molecular gas and dust, ESO writes. The columnar shape is formed when massive, newly formed bright blue stars emit stellar winds and intense ultraviolet radiation that blow material away from their surroundings. The researchers say gas and dust are compressed into dense, dark and tall columnar structures farther away from the young stars.

With the photo, ESO also wants to draw attention to its 60th anniversary. The Cone Nebula was discovered in the late 18th century by astronomer William Herschel.

Source: Krone


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