Diplomatic mission – CIA chief during missile attack in Kiev


After his talks with the Russian intelligence chief in Ankara, which krone.at also reported, CIA chief William Burns went to Kiev on Tuesday. There, the veteran diplomat informed President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the head of the Ukrainian secret service about the outcome of the trip to Moscow. During the meeting there was not only a missile alert, the Ukrainian capital was also hit by Russian shells.

After massive airstrikes on the country’s energy infrastructure, more than seven million homes were without power on Tuesday night. Burns, who used to serve as ambassador to Moscow, was never in danger. The CNN news channel reports that he was staying at the US embassy in Kiev.

While the CIA chief in Ankara had shown the Russian side the consequences of using nuclear weapons or a “dirty bomb” in Ukraine, the 66-year-old assured Ukrainian leaders that the United States would continue to support them. However, the background may also have been the debate already underway in Washington circles about slight pressure on the Zelensky administration to slowly but surely enter into peace talks with Moscow.

Zelenskyj: There are no negotiations with Putin
However, this is contrary to a Zelenskyi decree issued in response to the Russian annexation of four Ukrainian regions in southern and eastern Ukraine. This excludes, among other things, the possibility of entering into negotiations with the current Russian president.

Source: Krone


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