Alarm about our fruit: Europe’s largest apple growing area is massively infected


The paradisiacally beautiful Vinschgau in the west of South Tyrol is the largest contiguous apple growing area in Europe. The apple from this region, a popular fruit in local supermarkets, is known for its perfect appearance. What consumers do not know or consciously accept is that large amounts of pesticides are often used in the bushes during production.

Tourists are especially enthusiastic about Vinschgau because of its unspoilt, sometimes rugged nature. In addition to the alpine meadows, there are also the many fruit orchards that bathe the natural paradise in a sea of ​​flowers in the spring and ensure a particularly golden yellow autumn. More than 7,000 apple farmers work there, producing ten (!) percent of all apples on the continent.

A current study from the Technical University of Rhineland-Palatinate of Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU) and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna (BOKU) now reveals an additional worrying development.

Source: Krone


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