Gran wins £1m in lottery, quits warehouse job, eyes Las Vegas


Sandy Doyle celebrates her 11 million wins in the National Lottery

The grandmother, who won one meter of the national zero lottery, withdrew from the warehouse immediately after receiving confirmation of the new millionaire status. Sandy Doyle, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, stopped by a local store on Sunday morning to pick up his papers and came home with two profitable scratches: one that made 10 yen and the other a million.

The 58-year-old believes the best part of his victory is the freedom to spend more time with his family. “When I got home, I turned on the kettle for a cup of coffee and decided to grind my dents,” he said.

“When I showed my total 1MIL in the first match of A Million, I couldn’t believe it, so I put it to one side and played the other… I saw I gained 10 pounds from that scratch, then I looked at each other, closed my eyes and turned my back, and I scored In each case.

“I had been promoted previously, so I was worried about the national lottery phone line opening at 9 am. I called one of my daughters who didn’t believe me—to be honest, I’m not sure I did.”

Mrs. Doyle will help her children and grandchildren with money and is already planning a trip to the beach and a visit to Las Vegas. “I think our first fun will be walking on the beach over the Easter holidays, where we can have fun and spend some time planning ahead,” he said.

“I’m fine where I am now, but I want to buy a bungalow in the future.” “I have a cousin in Atlanta, Georgia I haven’t been able to visit for the past two years, so going on vacation and traveling to Las Vegas is definitely a must.”

The 58-year-old believes the best part of his victory is the freedom to spend more time with his family

Ms Doyle, who collected her winning scratch at the One Stop Shop in Harnham, Netherhampton Road, said the win would allow her to spend “precious moments” with her dear father.

“I didn’t go out to live the life of a millionaire,” he said. “I help take care of my father and he has always been a juggler at work – now thanks to this extraordinary victory I will have more time to spend precious moments with him.”

Doyle added that Million may help her with her passion for watching rugby. “I’m also a huge rugby fan and only got to see England at Twickenham once, so obviously there will be more trips to watch besides watching the Rugby World Cup in France next year.”

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Source: Belfastlive


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