After a car accident, the debate ended in a buckle fight


An enlightening conversation between a quartet after a car accident culminated in a wild brawl in Krems (Lower Austria). A large contingent of police had to leave.

No one was injured in the accident itself, but two were injured during the conversation that followed. But first things first: about a week ago two cars collided in Krems – classic body damage. A few days later, those involved met in the Stein Ward to clarify the situation. But the conversation between two stateless people (19 and 29), a Syrian (27) and an 18-year-old whose parentage has yet to be clarified, quickly escalated.

bloody wounds
During the quarrel, not only the fists flew, but also the belts and buckles. These were used as weapons and caused two people involved to be taken to hospital with bloody wounds. Since initial information indicated a knife attack, police moved in with six patrols. Further investigations are underway.

Source: Krone


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