The way out of the residual heat dilemma


The world is not only warming up due to the greenhouse effect, but also due to the normal “waste heat” of basic processes. Even the term is a “devaluation”. Right? And what does all this have to do with power plants, cooling and water? Author and scientist Christian Mähr explains the connections – and also gives the reason why one should not be afraid of losing one’s calculations.

In the discussion about the climate crisis, some reports are lagging behind. In summer, the media focuses on record temperatures and in early winter on melting glaciers, where skiing is no longer possible. The fact that half of France’s dozens of nuclear reactors are standing should make us think a lot more. Well, a small portion has been “overhauled,” but most of the closures freshly and freely admit that the rivers are short of water. Excuse me?

Source: Krone


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