Operation in Sölden – four hours with a luxury SUV “caught” on the ski slope


Strange action for the fire brigade on Saturday evening in Sölden, Tyrol: two English colleagues who wanted to spend the night in a cabin came with their SUV on a slope in the glacier ski area – and got stuck. The two tourists spent four hours trying to get back onto “mobile” territory. But eventually the fire brigade and a Ratrac driver had to intervene.

They were completely exhausted when firefighters arrived on the snowy terrain shortly after midnight. And there was a lot of shame on the faces of the two men. What happened?

From the forest path to the ski slope
The two vacationers wanted to stay in a private cabin and drive their SUV directly to the property to unload their luggage. But then it happened. Around 8 p.m., the driver of the off-road vehicle stepped off a forest path onto a ski slope approximately 20 meters wide. Due to the following maneuvers, “the car with the all-weather tires slid further and further down”, René Riml of the fire brigade describes in the interview with “Krone”.

The tourists wanted to free themselves from the predicament. But it just wouldn’t work. “The two men were fumbling for four hours before calling the fire department,” Riml continued.

The snowmaking team came with Ratrac
The Florianis finally arrived shortly after midnight. Lucky in disguise: “A snowmaking team from the mountain railways was nearby. They eventually came with a Ratrac,” says firefighter Riml. With all their strength, they finally managed to pull the SUV back onto the forest path. After about 1, 5 hours the mission was finally over.

The two men were relieved, but “fixed and done”. You will probably never forget this adventure…

Source: Krone


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