‘Prosecutor CAV has ruled against the first request for criminal review’


The Attorney General of the Basque Country has acknowledged that the Basque courts are analyzing various pleas for reduced sentences and has assured that the prosecution will analyze “case by case with care and attention” in order to issue its report. However, the last word is the judges.

Euskaraz irakurri: “Epaia berrikusteko EAEn izandako lehenengo eskaeraren aurka azaldu da Fiskaltza”

Carmen Adán, Attorney General of the Basque Countryhas acknowledged, in statements to Euskadi radiowhich is the Public Prosecution Service analyzing various petitions for sentencing review incarcerated for assault or abuse.

He even explained that the first request for review of the judgment (the case of a man convicted of sexual crimes in Gipuzkoa) has been dismissed by the Basque prosecutor’s office. However, the final say on whether or not to reduce the sentence is accepted by the judges.

The one known as ‘law of only yes is yes’ assumed the practical disappearance of the crime of sexual abuse to integrate it into that of sexual assault, which has led to a collapse of sentences that forces the review of final sentences.

This has been stated by the Attorney General of the Basque Country, Carmen Adán The number of petitions judged by the Basque courts is smallbut that “they will be carefully and diligently investigated, and we will need to be aware of the defense’s requests and what they allege.”

For example, it has stressed that “it is essential to examine on a case-by-case basis, we need to look at the specific circumstances and the motivation the Court had in relation to the ruling in determining the sentence to see whether the review was appropriate is or not”, and has assured That The Public Prosecution Service will decide on this “case by case”..

on possible unification of criteriaAdam has announced that they are already receiving all the necessary documentation to be able to do anything, “if it goes ahead”.

In the Spanish state: 12 sentences reduced and 5 released

At the state level, courts have already reduced at least 12 sentences for sexual abuse due to the application of the “only yes is yes” law and released five people from prison. The judges are expected they still need to revise dozens of sentences as the reform of the Penal Code is “more favorable to the prisoner”.

Among the cases of revision of sentence and sentence reduction, the sources consulted confirm four in Madrid, two in the Balearic Islands, two in Galicia, one in Andalusia, one in Castilla y León, one in Castilla La Mancha and one in Murcia. Five of these 12 cases led to the release of the convict.

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Source: EITB


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