Is the law enough? – Fatal dog attack gives politicians something to think about


The fatal dog attack in Naarn im Machland also gives politicians food for thought. Regional councilor for animal protection Michael Lindner (SPÖ) is deeply affected by the fatal dog attack and announces a critical investigation into the Upper Austrian law on dog ownership and its enforcement.

State Councilor for Animal Welfare Lindner, who has held the position for a year now, says: “My deepest condolences go out to the relatives and all those affected. People rightly expect that politicians will take their concerns seriously. That’s why I have an evaluation of the Oö today. Dog Keeping on Order Act. We cannot simply go back to ‘business as usual’, but must take a critical look at the law and enforcement with experts!”

Safety has the highest priority
The chairman of the Green Club, Severin Mayr, welcomes the evaluation of Upper Austria commissioned by regional councilor Lindner. Dog Ownership Act: “If it turns out that this law needs to be changed and tightened, then that must be done. Because the safety of the population is the highest priority.” Either way, the terrible tragedy affects everyone and must be fully investigated.

Discuss breed lists with experts
FPÖ club chairman Herwig Mahr also thinks it is important that politicians focus on improvements. But he also says: “I understand anyone who, after this tragic incident, thinks that certain dog breeds should be more strictly regulated. Despite the circumstances, I appeal to discuss such a project with experts, regardless of emotion, so that improvements are actually made in the interests of both people and dogs.”

What can prevent biting incidents?
The dog ownership law currently in force in Upper Austria has been in effect since September 1, 2022. In particular, it aims to ensure that insurance gaps are not created by dog ​​owners. Significant improvements have also been made in dog owner training. In the debate from autumn 2020, a variety list was considered, but was not introduced. For the Greens, it was “clear from the start that the proposed change with the planned breed lists was not suitable for preventing biting incidents.”

It’s about the lords and mistresses
Because according to the then Green club chairman Gottfried Hirz: “The behavior of dogs is less determined by their breed, but rather by the way they grow up, are socialized and trained. Studies clearly show this. Therefore, we should focus on training dog owners and not on categorizing dogs. That is the unanimous opinion of the experts and dog owners.”

There are no more aggressive breeds
That is why the Tierschutz Austria association is now warning politicians not to draw the wrong conclusions from the tragic dog attack: “Research shows that only 9 percent of a dog’s behavior is determined by its breed. Listed dogs are not genetically more aggressive than other dogs.”

Source: Krone


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