“Protect the children” – Parents found initiative after suspected abuse


After the suspicion of abuse and the discontinued investigation, a mother from Salzburg felt powerless. Now she wants to stand up for children’s rights together with fellow activists.

Ingrid E. from the city of Salzburg went through a nightmare. Abuse suspicion against their two children’s crawl group supervisor! In November 2021, the Salzburg resident first noticed redness in the intimate area of ​​her then two-year-old children. They then also told about pain the supervisor allegedly caused them. In addition, the children suddenly became afraid of medical examinations. The behavior returned to normal when the caretaker left the facility, so the mother did not continue with the case for now.

Everything changed abruptly in April of this year. “The man came to visit the group. My kids were completely upset,” reports Ingrid E. From then on, the siblings refused to be photographed and were terrified of the bathroom. “Then I was sure something had happened.”

The institution filed a complaint and informed the parents. The Public Prosecution Service immediately responded to the police report and had the man’s home searched. The mobile phone was also seized. Nothing was found. Ingrid E. is sure: “The case was in the media beforehand. So he had time to make things disappear.” And: “My children have never been questioned, although they are very advanced and have described to me in great detail what happened.”

The criminal case has been stopped, but the battle continues
After expert advice, the public prosecutor decided not to question the children. In general, no reliable statements can be expected from children under the age of four. The proceedings were eventually dropped due to lack of evidence.

For Ingrid E. and other mothers, the fight now continues with a specially established children’s rights initiative. “Children’s rights also need to be strengthened in law enforcement. You must be heard,’ says a fellow activist. “The state must do more to prevent sexual violence in childhood,” another mother is convinced.

Source: Krone


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