Sickness came back – “Our mother no longer has to suffer in heaven”


Sickness came back – “Our mother no longer has to suffer in heaven”

The cancer seemed defeated, but it came back and snatched the beloved mother from a family. Mühlviertel’s father is now plagued by enormous worries about the future.

“Mom is now with grandpa, her father, in heaven”, Anna and Paulina are quite sure and point to the photos of their grandpa and mom standing at the dining table. And the sisters – five and eight years old – understand the loss of their beloved mother in a childish way that gives comfort to dad Gerhard: “In heaven, mom doesn’t have to suffer anymore.”

problems with food
All future plans of the happy Mühlviertler family from the district of Rohrbach were suddenly destroyed in the summer of 2021. “Simone had had problems with eating for a long time, she was often ill,” reports Gerhard (44). No one thought the worst, even doctors assumed food intolerance. After a few months, a gastroscopy was done – and the news came that the rug pulled out from under the family’s feet: malignant stomach cancer.

Optimistic after chemo
But giving up was not an issue from that moment on, on the contrary. Simone received chemotherapy, then surgery and again chemo. “Everything went well. Simone recovered quickly, we went on a trip again, went to the outdoor pool and it seemed like we had survived the worst,” says Gerhard, as the girls dig out the children’s makeup stuff and make themselves beautiful.

“We Thought We’d Have More Time Together”
In June this year the complaints started again and an examination brought the sad certainty: the cancer was back. “So much so that there was no hope left,” says the husband, “But we thought we’d have more time together.” But Simone’s condition quickly deteriorated and on October 2, her eyes closed forever.

Only part-time job available
“The willingness to help and the compassion was and is enormous,” says the father, who gave up his beloved job as a truck driver and has now found a part-time job with better timing to combine children and household chores. “I have to learn how to cook first,” he says. Anna interjects: “Egg dish with pieces of pizza snail was delicious.”

Financial worries
Daily life is going well, but worries about the future are great, especially financial ones. The family has worked hard to acquire a condominium and a loan has not yet been repaid. The aging car is currently causing problems and Simone’s death weighs on the widower in a way that is rarely thought about: the inheritance. Because half of the apartment belonged to Simone and according to inheritance law, the children get half – and according to the law, this value must be “parked” for the children in a savings account.

uncertain future
How is this all supposed to end? The single dad shrugs as the kids go to wash off their makeup. The sadness and worries cannot be washed away, but with your help, dear readers, they can be softened a little.

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