Italian found sleeping wild boar in apartment


An Italian man has found a sleeping wild boar on the doormat of his apartment in a building in Genoa. The man wanted to go to work on Wednesday, but could not leave his apartment because the wild boar was fast asleep on the green scraper. Helpless, he alerted the police.

The image of the sleeping animal was published on Thursday by the Genoa newspaper “Secolo XIX”.

Tweet of the wild boar photo:

Warm sanctuary
The sharp drop in temperature in recent days may have prompted the older animal to seek a safe and warm place. Veterinarians hired by the police first sedated it, then it was taken away in a van.

Italy: The wild boar population has risen sharply
The Coldiretti Agricultural Association estimates that the number of wild boars in the Liguria region, to which Genoa belongs, exceeds 80,000. Wild boars, whose population has increased sharply in recent years, are a problem throughout Italy – including in the capital, Rome. There, the animals often rummage in the garbage and repeatedly attack people in recent months.

Source: Krone


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