Runway blocked – climate activists hold on to the airport runway


The actions of climate activists are becoming more and more extreme. Members of the Last Generation group were allowed access to the runways at Berlin Airport on Thursday evening and glued themselves there. Air traffic is completely at a standstill…

The activists first cut the fence around the area of ​​Berlin’s BER airport, only to glue themselves to a runway a short time later. As seen in a live stream on social networks, they were holding banners and wearing orange safety vests.

Air traffic came to a standstill
The airport then said that “due to unauthorized access by several people, both runways at BER are currently closed”. According to “Bild”, air traffic had to be completely stopped.

Several machines had already finished boarding in the evening, so they had to wait on the runway with their passengers. Other flights were immediately diverted and landed in Leipzig and Dresden.

Recently, climate activists demonstrated in front of a private jet terminal in Berlin, and members of the last generation in Hamburg clung to the conductor’s podium at Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie during a concert.

Source: Krone


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