Jail threatens – alcohol accident by ex-teamster: man crashes to death


Tragedy of a former national player! The athlete drove into oncoming traffic with a blood alcohol level of 0.54 – now she is even threatened with imprisonment.

As the controversial football world cup takes place in the distant Emirates in the desert state of Qatar, a tragic tragedy shakes the local sporting scene here in Austria. A former well-known team player, striker in national dress, was involved in a fatal alcohol accident on Friday morning.

But how did the tragedy come about? The police athlete – since she hung up her football boots, also an employee of the Ministry of the Interior – came to the banquet at 19 Bundesstraße in Asparn in her home district of Tulln (Lower Austria) around 5:30 a.m. and tore her Audi A4 to pieces. As a result, the car came into oncoming traffic and hit the car of a 37-year-old Lower Austrian man head-on. The man was trapped in his totally broken Kia and died at the scene of the accident.

The former team star was injured in the hospital, where an alcohol content of just above the maximum limit of 0.5 promille was found.

After drama for the ruins of a showcase career
Now the model athlete faces the ruins of her long career with hundreds of goals. Because in the case of alcohol behind the wheel with personal injury, even a death, stricter legal consequences apply. In a court case, she is charged with negligent homicide and thus imprisoned!

It is the second shocking accident of a former ÖFB teamster in Lower Austria in a short time. Just over a week ago, a death drama shocked the national men’s soccer team. Gerhard Rodax, the striker who was called “blonde rocket” because of his speed – including his legendary goal in Malaga in 1990 in the victory against Spain forever in the hearts of the fans – was at the age of 57 on the tracks of caught a train on the southern railway line near his hometown of Traiskirchen. Kicker icon and ORF presenter Gerhard Prohaska also lamented: “You can hardly put this message into words.”

Source: Krone


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