“I don’t think there will be any negotiations soon if Ukraine’s sovereignty is not recognized”


The former president of the Council of Europe gave an interview to Euskadi Irratia during his visit to Bilbao. He has also referred to the war, the crisis and Scotland.

Euskaraz irakurri: Herman Van Rompuy: “Ukrainaren burujabetza onartu ezean, ez dut uste negoziazioak aurki izango direnik”

The former President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, does not believe that it will soon be possible to open a round of negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. In an interview for Euskadi Irratia’s “Faktoria” program in Bilbao, he stressed that Ukraine will not give up any part of its territory. “We all want peace, a just peace that recognizes the integrity of the Ukrainian sovereign state,” he said. In this sense, he does not expect the European Union to emerge from this context of crisis, but he is happy because it has served to avoid strategic dependence on Russia. “We learned a hard lesson,” he said.

Van Rompuy has pointed out the differences with the financial crisis he had to endure as President of the European Council. He acknowledged that several EU countries were asking too much in the 2010s. “Austerity will not bring solutions this time. We have to spend money to help people through the winter,” he added.

It has also referred to Scotland. According to him, Scotland has a problem if it opts for a unilateral path to independence: “The European Union cannot recognize as member states those countries that are separated outside the law and the constitution.”

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Source: EITB


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