Creating Order – Chaos E-Scooter: New Rules, Bans, Penalties


They are a nuisance to many, blocking sidewalks because they have been thoughtlessly turned off and thus becoming an obstacle: but now order must be brought to the chaos of e-scooters in Vienna.

In the future, measures will have to come into force in various areas. As Transport Councilor Ulli Sima (SPÖ) together with Angelika Pipal-Leixner, NEOS spokeswoman for mobility and environment, announced at a press conference on Friday, the city is taking several steps to bring chaotic conditions under control.

  • Parking on the sidewalk is now prohibited. There will be parking spaces specially equipped for e-scooters. It is technically impossible to park within 100 meters of the stations – this will prevent the rental from ending.
  • In order to prevent unauthorized parking in another way, there will be digital checks in the future. Each e-scooter can be registered and located via GPS, and the user can be penalized in an emergency – even afterwards.
  • On-the-spot checks will also be strengthened. The operator is also obliged to do so and must provide security services himself, who also check whether the car park is parked correctly. But park sheriffs will also keep an eye on e-scooters in the future.
  • Driving bans and restrictions also apply to drivers of e-scooters. In the future, for example, it should be possible to lower the speed limit in pedestrian areas or near hospitals. The measures may even go so far that parking and driving in will no longer be possible in the future. These restriction zones are defined via the digital dashboard.
  • The number of e-scooters made available in the city will also be reduced. A maximum of 500 scooters will be allowed in the city center in the future. In districts two to nine and in the 20th district there will be only 1500 instead of 2500. It will be continuously evaluated and adjusted, it was assured.
  • In the future, scooters must be equipped with lights, indicators and acoustic warning signals.

“We are ending the scooter chaos and ending the scooters lying around! Our analyzes show us where the biggest problems are. This is where we intervene and ensure that tripping hazards will soon be a thing of the past and sidewalks will remain clear in the future!”, says Sima.

Source: Krone


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