Employee “perpetrator” – mini-excavator theft in East Tyrol was accidental


The theft of a mini-excavator from a company car park in Debant in East Tyrol was cleared up in mid-November. It turned out that the “coup” was an employee’s mistake.

On November 17, the mini-excavator disappeared between 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. The perpetrators also stole three shovels. The alleged damage amounted to more than ten thousand euros. The Debant police requested information through the media.

Employee was “thief”
Now the “coup” could be cleared up. “Following the witness call, a person in charge of an earthmoving company filed a report and explained that the excavator and shovel had been accidentally picked up by one of his employees. There is no question of theft,’ said the detectives.

Source: Krone


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