Long-eared under the laptop – bat alarm at the VP in the EU Parliament


MEP Christian Sagartz and his team were amazed! When the ÖVP team on the 9th floor of the parliament building in Strasbourg discussed the day’s program online at 7.30 am, an employee made an unusual discovery.

A bat had made himself comfortable under the laptop on a stand near the desk of the EU mandate holder and was sleeping peacefully. The long-eared man, who had apparently broken into the office through an open window at night, was completely oblivious to the bustle of the early morning.

Released at liberty
“We put a ceramic bowl over the bat and very carefully slid a piece of cardboard under it,” says Sagartz. It was only during this mission that the animal sleepyhead slowly woke up. No sooner was the long-eared bird on the windowsill than it spread its wings and soared into the air.

“We were happy that everything went well,” said the deputy.

Source: Krone


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