Prisoners raved – “You don’t even want any other prisoners here!”


A violent 26-year-old, who is in a relationship with a Styrian security officer, faced court again – with great security efforts.

The bearded and bearded violent criminal is released, flanked by four prison guards and handcuffed. His girlfriend, a now-suspended prison guard whom he met in prison, sits in front of the courtroom. The 26-year-old smiles charmingly and blows her air kisses.

There is not much to laugh about in the courtroom. “Robbery, serious bodily injury, fraud, resistance,” judge Julia Noack quoted from the long criminal record. This time it was about a dangerous threat in a scuffle in a South Styrian discotheque.

Unusual behavior in prison
However, the hearing is overshadowed by the Serb’s completely insane behavior in prison, which he tries to deduce in court with pious behavior. “You seem so nice now, but I get a letter from prison every other day. You can’t behave like that, everyone is afraid, other prisoners don’t want you there anymore either!” said the judge.

As reported, the 26-year-old rioted repeatedly, wounding officials and, among other things, banging his head against the wall until he had to be taken to a psychiatric ward.

He has partially confessed to the current charge (“was completely drunk”) and has been sentenced to eight months in prison (not final). However, the escalations in prison will lead to further proceedings. “I’m really sorry, I swear I will get better,” said the Serb. At least he has a few months to prove it.

Source: Krone


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