According to satellite photos: – Russians are harvesting wheat worth billions in Ukraine


According to the US space agency NASA, Russia has harvested 5.8 million tons of wheat this year worth about a billion dollars (about 950 million euros) from Ukrainian fields that are not under the country’s control. This was announced by NASA Harvest, the space agency’s food security and agriculture program.

For the research, NASA Harvest uses satellite data and modeling together with several partner institutions. The scientists involved in the research project estimate that a total of about 26.6 million tons have been harvested in Ukraine this year, which is considerably more than predicted. While that’s less than last year’s record harvest of 33 million tons, it’s close to the average.

However, the war prevented Ukraine from accessing 22 percent of the wheat in the eastern part of the country. In total, about 88 percent of the seed was harvested, which apparently was not the case in many frontline fields.

Nearly 30 percent less grain exported
According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture in Kyiv, Ukraine exported 29.6 percent less grain in the 2022/2023 season than in the previous season. In total, Ukraine exported 18.1 million tons of wheat, maize and barley. In the previous season this was 25.8 million tonnes. The Russian invasion blocked three Ukrainian Black Sea ports for nearly six months.

According to the government, Ukraine could harvest about 51 million tons of grain this year. By 2021, the harvest had reached a record 86 million tons. Since then, however, Ukraine has lost farmland and has had lower yields due to the war.

Source: Krone


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