Climate protectors at work? – Car tires slashed again in Innsbruck


An unknown perpetrator punctured one or both front tires of two parked cars on An-der-Lan-Straße in Innsbruck last weekend. Police are now asking for information.

It is still unclear whether climate activists were back at work. At least two vehicles were parked in the Tyrolean capital over the weekend, some without air in the tyres.

Amount of damage still unclear
“Between Friday 3 p.m. and Sunday around 4:30 p.m., a previously unknown perpetrator damaged two cars parked on An-der-Lan-Straße in Innsbruck,” the police said. In one case, the vandal stabbed both front tires and in the other case one front tire with a sharp object. The extent of the damage caused is still unclear at this time.

Source: Krone


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