State in trouble – migrant neighborhoods: Italy asks the Church for help


State in trouble – migrant neighborhoods: Italy asks the Church for help

Even under the right-wing government around Giorgia Meloni, there is hardly any relaxation in the development of migratory flows across the Mediterranean. The state is hardly in a position to accommodate the arriving people. Local dioceses and parishes are now being asked for help.

As the Catholic daily Avvenire reported (Wednesday), an Italian regional prefecture directly asked church institutions if they could support state authorities in receiving migrants, Kathpress reported Wednesday.

Almost daily landings on the Italian coast
Accordingly, the Prefecture of Modena asked the local diocese and parishes for help after 680 migrants arrived in Modena in the past two months alone. More than 115,000 migrants have already been registered in Italy this year, according to the Ministry of the Interior in Rome. That is about twice as many as in the same period last year (around 62,000).

Italian media currently report almost daily on the landings of refugee boats on the island of Lampedusa and other coastal areas. After a short time in the overcrowded emergency shelters on the coast, the people are dispersed throughout Italy by ship and bus.

Migrants spend the night in the open air
According to the paper’s report, housing problems are now also growing in some northern cities. The situation seems particularly tense in the Adriatic city of Ancona. According to “Avvenire,” the city government has moved many people from emergency shelters to make room for new arrivals. After migrants dumped on the streets set up shelters in the open air, the city responded by banning them from spending the night outside – which in turn sparked protests from those affected.

To get the problems under control, the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi (independent) wants to invite the mayors of Italian cities and municipalities to a crisis summit. According to “Avvenire”, no date has yet been set for this.

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