Images from Ukraine – Tank Challenger 2 destroyed in battle for the first time?


Footage from Ukraine shows one of Britain’s Challenger 2 tanks may have been destroyed in combat for the first time. It is said to be one of 14 British tanks that Kiev has kept in reserve for a breakthrough at the front.

A battlefield video circulating on social media (see below) shows a British Challenger 2 being destroyed by a mine. It would be the first time that one of these tanks was destroyed in combat.

The fragment was shot from inside a car, the shaky footage shows the tank with its characteristic gun barrel. The battlefield is shrouded in thick smoke, shots can be heard.

The crew could be saved
The tank hit a Russian mine on the Zaporizhia front, rendering the combat vehicle useless. The crew – consisting of four soldiers – could be saved.

The tank was then attacked by a drone, reports the British ‘Guardian’.

Not a single Challenger 2 has been lost to combat since its initial deployment in 1994, although one was destroyed by shelling during an incident in Iraq in 2003. According to the Guardian, this record is due in part to the fact that there are relatively few examples built and rarely used.

Source: Krone


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