No house, no construction – house builder paid 47,000 euros to bankrupt company


Christoph Ganser wanted to fulfill his dream of owning a house in Atzenbrugg (Lower Austria) – after the bankruptcy of the prefab house company, he, like many others, was left with no money, no house and no building permit. He is the next victim of the bankrupt company in Eugendorf. The bankruptcy could even become a criminal case, but the public prosecutor has not yet received a criminal complaint.

Bankrupt with 13 million euros: The “Krone” has reported several times about the bankruptcy of the Eugendorf prefab house company Scalahaus. Christoph Ganser is one of the 60 affected home builders: “We got to know the company over the summer.” Scalahaus then offered a prefab home with a fixed price guarantee, says Ganser. The contract was signed in September. “Immediately after that they asked for a deposit of 27,000 euros.”

Lower Austria ‘would be part of massive lawsuit’
Because of the contract, the Lower Austrian thought “nothing about it”. A few weeks later, the next bill fluttered into the house: another down payment, this time 13,000 euros. It was mid-December: “And we still didn’t have a building permit, which made me suspicious.” The bankrupt company even asked 7,000 euros for the interior design.

“The money is definitely gone”
“They immediately wanted money again without having done any work,” complains Ganser. He paid 47,000 euros: “We are now without our own money. The only lucky thing was that we didn’t notify our apartment.” A bank guarantee would have existed only with the building permit. Ganser fears: “The money is definitely gone.”

Several of those affected are considering a class action lawsuit — Ganser is said to join them as well. The bankruptcy may also concern the criminal authorities: “However, so far we have not received any criminal charges,” said Elena Haslinger of the Salzburg prosecutor’s office.

Source: Krone


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