Real police caught up – Raser wanted to pick up children from after-school care with blue flashing lights


Bizarre official act in Wels (Upper Austria): A fake police officer with blue lights in a civilian car overtook the real civilian patrol and wanted to flee. The speed demon was stopped and had a very innovative excuse ready.

“My wife ordered me to get the children out of the BSO quickly,” the deaf driver told officials. His deaf wife, who was also in the car, was aggressive and eventually had to be sent away.

The couple’s car was only noticed because it drove behind the windshield with blue lights and passed a patrol during a focus check. Only a traffic jam could stop the 50-year-old’s escape, and he wasn’t particularly bright when it came to getting the kids. And to make it go faster, his wife got the blue light.

That the 50-year-old from Welser was also drunk was just a “sprinkle on the top.” His 42-year-old wife was also drunk. The fact that she later drove drunk to the nearest police station to complain only made matters worse. The pair will soon receive mail from Wels’ magistrate – advertisements are pouring in.

Source: Krone


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