Rough spell made? – New allegations of harassment against Wolfgang Fellner


Viennese media producer Wolfgang Fellner is again facing allegations of sexual harassment. Specifically, an ex-employee accuses him of being repeatedly berated, sexually harassed and harassed by him. Fellner himself denies the allegations – he sees a “friendly relationship”.

These are not the first allegations of this kind, for which Fellner has already had to answer in court. For example, the media maker released his former moderator of when she made public that Fellner would have touched her. Soon after, moderators Katia Wagner and Angela Alexas made similar allegations.

“I Thought I Wasn’t His Prey”
Now the daily newspaper “Der Standard” has documented another suspicious case. “This man destroyed me,” the next presenter, Nora Kahn, told the newspaper about the relationship with Fellner. Kahn initially worked as a content manager for the company, but eventually wanted to be in front of the camera in a society show herself.

Because she is “not blonde”, she felt safe despite the rumors of Fellner’s dealings with young women already circulating at the time: “I thought I was not his prey”, she explained to the “Standard”. After a short time, however, she was stopped as a moderator.

Joint dinner for the “superstar”
When asked if it had anything to do with her looks, Fellner said no and suggested going out to dinner to find her a new job. He didn’t want to discuss this in person, Kahn continued. At this meeting, they finally got the idea of ​​a new Society show.

Then the media maker would suddenly have made comments about her appearance. The term “superstar” was allegedly used, and dinner at a restaurant in Vienna’s Hietzing included an invitation to Ibiza to discuss everything “in peace,” Kahn continued.

Pressed on Ibiza trip
Fellner is said to have finally turned violent on the holiday island – he also physically harassed her: “I realized I had to get out of here,” Kahn now explained. To accomplish this, she apologized to Fellner with a white lie.

Back in daily editorial life, Fellner allegedly groped Kahn twice more, she told the “Standard.” However, industry colleagues advised her not to talk about it. In addition, there would have been tirades and screaming attacks from Fellner, which would have worried the presenter a lot.

“You Need To Be Fucked Good”
Finally wanting to talk to his moderator about relaunching his station, Fellner asked her to go to Tegernsee in Bavaria, where he was staying for health reasons. During a boat trip, she allegedly collected a supposedly promised “salary from the head of department” – but Fellner blocked it, eventually accusing her of “sour crying lectures”.

Fellner allegedly invited her back to Ibiza, pointing out that Kahn hadn’t had a vacation after all. In the conversation he also said: “You need to be fucked well.”

“Rejecting him twice is your death sentence”
The entrepreneur did not give up then and asked “good or not good?”. After all, Kahn did not embark on this journey, nor would there have been a salary increase. Kahn explained to the “Standard” that she had already felt it would soon be over: “Rejecting him twice is your death sentence” – just a few weeks later, he would finally accuse her of an editorial intrigue and insult her as an “asshole” to have. She was released again a few weeks later.

Kahn recorded her memories in an affidavit. In it she also describes how Fellner would have exploited her professional ambitions. Your statements, which “Der Standard” has checked, are verifiable.

Fellner speaks of a “friendly relationship”
When asked by “Standard”, Fellner confirmed that there was a visit with Kahn to Ibiza. It is said that the said society program was developed there. From his point of view, there was never any harassment – details about his relationship with Kahn would be subject to the protection of private life. Since Kahn’s departure and before that, not a single complaint has been received against him, neither with the management nor with the works council.

In addition, the editors were familiar with a “friendly relationship” with Kahn, as they “attended numerous events, events, but also parties together,” he explained. Kahn denies that she never went to events with him privately. Fellner also claimed that from his point of view there was “never” any harassment from Kahn.

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