After a rock fall, the river ferry across the Drau is used as a school bus


After the violent rock fall in Maria Rain in Carinthia, a village remains cut off. The local river ferry becomes the lifesaver.

Actually, the ring road from Unterguntschach to Rottenstein, planned after the rock fall, should have been opened to all traffic on Monday, as reported. “However, the approximately 3.5 km long forest path has places that are much too soft due to fallen leaves and moss. The bypass is therefore only suitable for off-road vehicles under six tons,” says Mayor Franz Ragger of Maria Rain.

“Meter by meter is checked”
A government agricultural technician was already on site to check the condition of the trail. “We check meter by meter. A fire safety inspection was also carried out together with the fire service. However, in an emergency, the Valentine ferry would have to be taken, as the schoolchildren are currently doing,” said Ragger, who has asked the military for support for the ferry crew. exists,” says press officer Christoph Hofmeister.

Source: Krone


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