Drama on Easter Sunday – young alcoholic kills two pedestrians in Carinthia


A tragic road accident with serious consequences took place on Easter Sunday in Radenthein, Carinthia: a 22-year-old driver who was drunk in his car hit three pedestrians – two were injured so badly that they died immediately. A man is seriously injured in hospital.

The accident happened in the early morning hours on Easter Sunday – halfway between Radenthein and Döbriach. There is a combined bicycle and pedestrian path next to Millstätter Straße B98. At the height of the so-called Erdmannsiedlung, in a long bend to the right, everything happened very quickly: According to the police, the drunk driver of the accident (22) must have fallen asleep – and therefore drove straight into the bend towards a group of pedestrians …

“Two victims were killed instantly”
The car hit two of the pedestrians head-on: “The 34-year-old woman and the 38-year-old man died immediately. The third walker, a 37-year-old, suffered serious injuries. He was taken to hospital,” said police officer Josef Lackenbucher from PI Radenthein against “Krone”. The researcher continues: “The group should have just been on their way home from an Easter bonfire or a festival.”

Driver (22) was drunk
A speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour applies on this road section. It is still unclear whether the driver of the accident has maintained this pace: “The public prosecutor’s office sent an expert to the scene of the accident in the morning to find out,” said Lackenbucher. In any case, it is clear that the driver was drunk at the time of the accident: “We assume a higher degree of alcohol consumption.”

Source: Krone


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