Vienna of the week – animal rescuer Stephan is on duty day and night


Stephan Scheidl runs the animal shelter of the animal welfare association. Very often “emergency skins” pass by. These are the four-legged friends who come to the shelter sick or injured. The animal rescuer takes care of these animals until they find a new home.

“It was always clear to me that I wanted to work with animals and also make a difference,” says Stephan Scheidl. The animal shelter in Vösendorf is ideal because a wide variety of animals are cared for and no distinction is made between the animals that need to be rescued.

And so very often “emergency furs”, that is, sick or injured animals, arrive at the house. For example, the three-legged Mika or the black cat Bill, who has lost an eye. They need intensive care and medical care. Scheidl – whose favorite animals are goats – takes care of them, works day and night to give these animals a nice, dignified life. “He does his job with such passion and is in front of the animals at the most inopportune times,” say his colleagues.

“But there are always sad moments. For example, if you have been fighting for an animal for a long time or if you bottle-feed a young animal and hope until the end that it will get better again – but it does not survive. That can come very close to you,” says Scheidl.

Of course it is also sad to see when animals cannot find a home and die in our animal shelter. “Of course you wish every animal a happy life in a beautiful new home.” Until they find their forever home, the emergency furs are having a good time with Stephan Scheidl, our Viennese of the week.

Source: Krone


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