An investigation is underway – fires on the Rennbahnweg: perpetrators risk high penalties


After the fire in a residential complex in Vienna-Donaustadt, the police are feverishly looking for perpetrators: the bill for the deployment of the fire brigade and co. should be big. The investigation is going well!

Thousands of euros in claims from the emergency services and a criminal part washed away, all of this must end up with the arsonist on the Rennbahnweg in Donaustadt. Police fire investigators have already registered nine incidents in a residential complex, but so far there is no hot lead.

But the professional fire brigade is already pulling out the calculator. “In principle, fire operations are not charged, but the situation is different with arson,” confirms fire service commissioner Jürgen Figerl in an interview with “Krone”.

tense mood
Due to the risk situation in the widely branched complex, alarm level 2 also applies to every operation. 16 vehicles with approximately 65 men drive up. The Florianis ask the residents to keep calm despite the annoying recent incidents: “In the event of a fire in a house with several apartments, you must stay in your own apartment if it is not affected by the fire. Under no circumstances try to use the smoky stairwell yourself. to escape!” The atmosphere on site remains extremely tense.

Source: Krone


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