Above all, what Matthias “Mothl” Mayer wants is…


“Krone” ski expert Alexander Hofstetter writes today about the surprise dismissal of Matthias Mayer…

It goes without saying that this departure has left many questions unanswered. On the other hand, Matthias Mayer’s resignation was typical of Mothl.

As an active person, he always listened to his gut feeling and acted intuitively. And never sought the spotlight.

Always reserved, he never focused on his unique three Olympic gold medals from the games in 2014, 2018 and 2022. “They are at home in the nightstand,” the Carinthian used to say.

With his typical grin – often a knowing grin, which, on the other hand, always left a lot of room for interpretation. A real poker face!

And that’s exactly what he showed when he stepped down. Something even his closest confidants hadn’t expected.

The baby rumors that had surfaced at home in Carinthia were already dismissed by Mayer and the ÖSV.

If you’re looking for “real” reasons, you’ll be disappointed (at least for the foreseeable future).

Maybe there are no others, maybe it’s as banal as Mayer said, “It was fun, but that’s enough for me.”

Mayer is now retiring and wants one thing above all: rest!

And after more than a decade as a flagship in ski-crazy Austria, you have to give the ski hero credit for that too.

Source: Krone


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